Simple ways to secure your home when you are away

Simple ways to secure your home when you are away

If your home has ever been broken into, then you are most probably looking for a way to secure it. Maybe you are tired of hiring locksmith services unnecessarily and don’t know how to avoid this. It’s okay to get a horrible shock after you realize robbers just attacked your and got away with some important documents. We have come with a solution. Here are the simple ways you should use to secure your home.

Communicate with neighbors

It is rare to live a place where there no neighbors. Ensure your friends are aware of your working hours and holidays so that they may be more alert when you are not around. This can help them to notice any unusual activity at your place.

Install window locks

Do your windows have locks? Finding windows without locks is common. This is one weak point for intruders. If your windows do not have locks, find an expert locksmith to install them for you. Windows with locks easily let you to partially open them and let some fresh air in during the hot summers.

Secure your valuable items

Most burglars target the most valuable things in your home once they get a chance. Avoid worrying about your expensive things when you are away. A simple way to secure them is inquiring from your locksmith about an offsite security box or a safe. Your locksmith can help you find an excellent safe for all your stuff.

Improve your doors

Most thieves damage doors when they break into a home. Investing in secure doors is necessary. Buy doors with solid cores. If you are uncertain about how to go about this, ask your locksmith to advise you on the best patio door bolts, dead bolts and many others that can help secure the home when you are not around. Not only will this make it difficult for burglars to force their entry but it will also give you a peace of mind.

What about the entrances?

You may think it is only the windows and doors that are critical to secure. Ensure you secure every entrance point to your home. Use thick padlocks for your outside doors and gardens gates. This will help protect every entry that can give your home away to thieves. We understand that picking padlocks for your gates can a hard task. But consider asking your locksmith to recommend the best locks in the case.


Maybe you think that there is no need to secure your home because you will only be gone for one day. Regardless of the days, you will be away, securing your home is imperative. When it comes to burglars, even a second of leaving your home unsecured is enough to get what they want. If you don’t want to be making those unnecessarily calls to your locksmith, ensure you use these simple ways to secure home. Your home security is as important as the trip you plan to attend.